RFW - Rotary Friction Welding

RFW - Rotary Friction Welding

Our Rotary Friction Welding creates a 100 percent bond of the contact area, creating joints of forged quality. The weld properties are superior to welds created with fusion processes, such as TIG or MIG welding. This results in a higher strength bond and greatly increased design flexibility of part. Since the friction welding process is significantly faster than more conventional methods of welding, weld cycle production times can be reduced, meaning that more parts can be joined in less lead time.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimization of spark, smoke and fumes
  • Clean environment of process
  • Possibilities of welding between the different alloys
  • No filler metal is required
  • No flux and shielding gas is required
  • No need a manual welding skills of Operators
  • Robust and good weld appearance
  • Short cycle times
  • Easily automatically programmed for mass production

Equipment specification

Item Specification
Thrust capacity Friction Force : 30 ton
Forging Force : 60 ton
Max RPM 1,800 rpm
Max Clamping Size Main chuck side : Φ85 * 240mm
Spindle side : Φ350 * 50mm
Monthly Output 4,200 pcs