Precision Cleaning & Anodizing

Precision Cleaning & Anodizing

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Precision Cleaning

We provide excellent cleaning processes. We have DI water and ultrasonic cleaners meeting SEMI standards and other cleaning systems meeting global standards. In additional, we have polishing and vacuum oven systems meeting our customers’ requirements that are used to clean parts and products during all the processes.


We provide an anodizing process requiring high standards in manufacturing LCD and semiconductor parts. We have an anodizing line that automatically controls process temperature and time and supports up to 11 generation sizes. We also provide custom anodizing services (soft and hard) according to our customers’ needs.
In addition, we have an aluminum post-anodizing ability to inspect process conditions efficiently. By utilizing our accumulated know-how, we can perform an anodizing process step by step and do our best to increase our customers’ satisfaction by reducing the risk and reliability of projects.

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  • Dongwon parts has aluminum anodizing post-treatment ability that can efficiently check process conditions.
  • Anodizing process can be controlled and executed all in-house through state of the art facilities.
  • Provide the level of part cleaning service that our customers desire with our BKM.