FSW - Friction Stir Welding

FSW - Friction Stir Welding

We have friction stir welding machines to respond to large sizes of products (4,000 X 5,000 M/M). As a FSW machine is good to weld difficult-to-weld materials, such as aluminum, it is fast being applied to manufacturing processes in many industrial areas.
By utilizing our technology, long experience and know-how, we can provide our customers with high-quality products and good price competitiveness.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimized deformation after welding
  • Possibilities of welding between the different alloys
  • Friendly Environment
  • No need heating source
  • Various type of joint welding
  • Robust and good weld appearance
  • No blowhole and cracks
  • Automatically programmed

Equipment specification

Item Specification
Model FSW-2D
Table Size 3,500 x 4,500
Stroke Size 3,200 x 4,200 x 350
Max RPM 7,200
RPM for Strata Model 1500
Monthly Output 800

Item Specification
Model MB5
Table Size 1,600 x 600
Stroke Size 1,050 x 560 x 560
Max RPM 6,000
RPM for Strata Model 1400
Monthly Output 800 x 2