EBW – Electron Beam Welding

EBW – Electron Beam Welding

We provide various welding options. E-beam is a special metal welding technology that is used to apply minimal deformation and achieve zero-defect welding. Our E-beam is a vacuum welding system that produces fewer impurities, penetrates deep into products and realizes high-quality welding.

Features & Benefits

  • Long focus and wide thickness range
  • Minimized shrinkage and distortion
  • Allowed welds in close proximity to heat sensitive components
  • Welds up to 95% of the strength of the base material
  • Precision control and repeatability at speeds
  • Vacuum environment eliminates impurities
  • Possibilities of welding between the different alloys

Equipment specification

Item Specification
Model BT-10KW E.B.W
Equipment size 1500 x 1200 x 1000
Stroke Size 3,200 x 4,200 x 350
Workable size 700 x 500 x 500

Item Specification
Model BT-10KW
E-beam Power 0 to 7.5KW
Chamber Size 1600x1600x400
Vacuum Level 5x10-4
Monthly Output 1,050 pcs